Against aphids without chemistry

What about aphids?

Insect droppings have the escape property that they contain Chitin . No other fertilizer offers this. Chitin absorbs the plant along with the nutrients through its roots and turns it into Chitanase. Chitanase then releases the leaves, which reliably drives away any aphids you have on the plant. For obvious reasons, aphids do not occur in mine garden, but we have enthusiastic reactions from our customers, who have successfully won the fight with aphids and are spreading their satisfaction with HNOJÍK to other customers.

What helps against aphids?

You can use any application method . For a start, it is advisable to make a dressing in a teapot. Put 5ml of fertilizer per 1L of water in a teapot. Mix the contents and let stand. 30 min for leaching is such a minimum time. If possible,  let the watering stand for several hours to leach the fertilizer more. Then mix again before application and then pour the soil around the plant. Leached topping, or a little  more difficult to prepare Insect tea are the fastest ways to successfully get rid of harmful aphids. 

If you have a big problem with aphids, you need to get Chitin to the roots as soon as possible. For quick effect, it is good to use watering. If you have already planted a large garden and do not want to infuse a large amount of watering, rely on the sprinkle which you wash thoroughly. Both methods will rid you of aphids and moths for good over the next few days. FERTILIZER protection also seems to work for other garden monsters such as angiosperms, but we are still collecting reviews.

References from satisfied aphid chicks.

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Against aphids without chemistry with HNOJÍK.CZ for the following reasons.


Better for the environment

You will support the natural life in the soil and you will not unnecessarily salinize and degrade the soil.


No chemistry

Avoid chemical sprays and you can involve your branches in the fight with aphids.


Safe for humans and animals

All beneficial fauna will thrive and no pet will be harmed.